With support from JP Morgan Chase & Co., the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County launched a comprehensive workforce study to analyze the area’s labor force in multiple industries. One of those industries was Information Technology, which resulted in several suggestions on how to exceed employer needs in the infotech industry. Recommendations from the study included developing an IT placement service, partnering with companies on IT workshops, and hosting a high school hackathon. Through collaboration with Palm Beach Tech Association, we’ve identified several initiatives that are currently building Palm Beach County into a technology hub.

In September 2018, Palm Beach Tech hosted an Intern Forum with executives, educators, and interns to identify best practices to launch a technology internship program. In 2019, the Palm Beach Tech Intern Program will connect students to a variety of paid summer internships with South Florida technology companies.This will include week-long intern bootcamps that teach coding languages, project management skills, and soft skills. Certification and apprentice programs are also being explored to help give hands-on experiences to students that’s been in high demand.

Palm Beach Tech also has various events and meetups throughout the year such as tech talks and pitch competitions. One of the most popular events is the Palm Beach Tech Hackathon, which recently brought together over 125 high school students and industry experts.

Palm Beach Tech’s initiatives maintain a top-notch workforce, which helps the BDB’s economic development efforts in attracting and retaining technology companies to or in Palm Beach County.


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